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Q: CrankyShip Transporter Tutorial

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Q: CrankyShip is the new shipping load board of CrankyApe.com. All our available shipments will be listed, transporters can bid on any listed recovery.

A: CrankyShip is the new shipping load board of CrankyApe.com. All our available shipments will be listed, transporters can bid on any listed recovery.

Q: Are there fees to join?

A: There are no fees to join and no fees "tacked on" to your quote. What you bid is what you are paid.

Q: Am I competing against other transporters?

A: Yes, all transporters may submit bids and the CrankyShip team will select the best fit for the transport.

Q: Can I just call in for available shipping loads?

A: No, all available shipments will be listed on CrankyShip.com

Q: How do I get paid?

A: CrankyShip offers three options. We will not pay in cash or check. ACH(Preferred), PayPal, or Cash App.

Q: How do you select transporters? I may charge a little more but I'm professional and insured.

A: Upon completion of a transport, transporters will be rated by our team. Missed deadlines, constant breakdowns and cancellations will render a low score on a 1-5 scale. Low scores will severely limit your ability to ship for us. Conversely, professional, insured transporters will get priority even at a higher price point.

Q: Can I bid on shipments if already transporting another?

A: Yes, we encourage you to check the site daily.

Q: When will I get paid?

A: Payment will be made upon delivery of the unit to the designated CrankyApe facility. If the unit is dropped on a weekend, payment will be sent on the next business day.

Q: How To Update My License and Insurance Information?

A: In order to update your license and insurance information please log in and go to the "Account" tab in the top menu bar. Once on the "Your Account" page, please click the "View My Files" button on the bottom of the page. Now from the "My Files" page please select either the License or Insurance button and click the "Browse..." button to select the file you would like to upload. Then please enter the License/Policy Number along with the Expiration Date. Once you are all done please hit the "Update" button and you are finished.

Q: What should I be prepared to handle as a professional transporter?

A: We expect transporters to handle issues such as flat tires, blow outs, missing keys, scheduling with lots (repo lots, impound lots, residences and dealers). Transporter should also carry proper towing equipment including 5th wheel, bumper pull, goose neck attachments and spare tires as required. Fees will be re-imbursed by CrankyApe with a valid receipt and proper documentation. If any question you may call or email for approval. We look to our transporters to get the job done.

Q: Will I need to pay lot fees?

A: From time to time you may need to pay lot fees to get a vehicle released. Those fees will be re-imbursed by CrankyApe and will be communicated prior to recovering the unit.

Q: What if the unit has issues I wasn't aware of?

A: We provide as accurate info as we can. That said, we're dealing with tow lots that do not always have accurate info nor the time to get detailed specs and condition. You may be required to deal with missing keys, flat tires etc. in order to transport the vehicle. While it's not common, be prepared for the worst.

Q: What are the insurance requirements for being a transporter for CrankyShip?

A: CrankyShip transporters require the following:

500,000 auto liability (minimum, 1,000,000 preferred)

On hook coverage with at least 200k limit
Transporter/Carrier coverage with at least 200k limit.

Coverages should be documented on a Certificate of Insurance (COI) provided by your agent.

Midwest Recreational Clearinghouse MUST be listed on the COI as an additional insured. (This is common practice, simply request this from your agent.)

Address for COI
Midwest Recreational Clearinghouse
1101 Spiral Blvd
Hastings, MN 55033

*** Please see the Terms & Conditions (Section 15 - Insurance) for additional details on insurance and other requirements